Scaffold Netting Protects Workers and Pedestrians

Scaffold netting is lightweight debris netting made of high density polyethylene. It is used to cover the scaffold structure. It is designed to protect workers and pedestrians walking near the base of the scaffold structure. It can prevent the workers and building materials to fall down from the higher places and prevent the possible harm to the pedestrians and passing vehicles from the falling debris. It has eyelet holes on the edge to speed up the installation.

Scaffold netting of different colors: yellow, black, blue, white and green.
Different colors of scaffold netting available.


  • HDPE provides the netting high strength and flexibility.
  • UV stabilized material for temperature changes. 
  • Good raw material for ageing resistance and anti-corrosion.
  • High visibility with the mesh opening.
  • Eyelet holes on the edge for easy and fast installation.
  • Can be hung vertically and horizontally. 
  • Flame retardant & non-flame available.
  • Different colors available.
  • Long service life.


  • Material: high density polyethylene with UV stabilized.
  • Length: 50m - 400m.
  • Width: 1.8m - 6m.
  • Common size: 1.83m × 50m, 1.83m × 100m, 2.44m × 100m, 3.66m × 100m.
  • Density:50 - 320g per square meter.
  • Shade Rate: 30% - 90%.
  • Color: yellow, orange, black, red, blue, white and green.
  • Packing: 5pcs, 10pcs or 20pcs/bundle or roll packing then in plastic bags.
  • We can also pack as the customer’s requirement.
Green scaffold netting is packed in bundles.
The scaffold netting can be packed in bundles.
Different colors of scaffold netting are packed in rolls.
The scaffold netting can be packed in rolls then in plastic bags.

The scaffold netting is mainly used to cover the buildings under construction or re-construction against debris. It can protect the people and property from hurt or injury that may cause by the falling pieces from higher places of the buildings.

  • It can serve as a climate shield to protect the workers, building materials and machinery and open constructions against rain, wind, snow.
  • It can protect the surroundings from building dust and noise.
  • It can also be used as sport fencing, temporary fencing of feed lots, chicken farms, gardens, public areas.
The green scaffold netting is installed in the building site.
The scaffold netting is used to protect the people and vehicles passing the structure from falling debris.
The green scaffold netting is installed in the garden.
The scaffold netting can be used in the garden to protect the plants.

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