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Product List

  • Debris netting of different colors: blue, green, yellow, black and red.

    Debris netting made of high density or UV stabilized polyethylene monofilament is widely used in construction sites, gardens, greenhouses, etc.

  • The black safety netting is installed on the football field.

    Safety netting made of high density polyethylene or nylon is used in railing, construction sites and sports fields to protect people from different accidents.

  • The blue and green vertical debris netting is used to circle the building site.

    Construction safety netting is made from high density polyethylene or polyethylene, and it is widely used in various construction sites.

  • Green vertical debris netting is packed in a bundle.

    Vertical debris netting made of high density polyethylene is widely used in construction site to prevent the workers and debris from falling down.

  • Green fine opening meshes horizontal debris netting with eyelet holes on the edge.

    Horizontal debris netting made of knitted nylon and high density polyethylene is installed horizontally to prevent the falling debris to hurt the worker.

  • Scaffold netting of different colors: yellow, black, blue, white and green.

    Scaffold netting made of HDPE is used to cover the scaffold structure to protect worker and pedestrians from hurt or injure by the falling debris.

  • The green fire retardant is installed in the construction site.

    The fire retardant debris netting made of HDPE with UV stabilized is widely used in construction sites and scaffolding structures.

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    Safety barrier fence made of HDPE is widely used in the construction site to warn people not to go into the dangerous areas.